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ST 250

ST 250

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Flexibility & Simplicity all in one
Automatic selection of settings and epilation techniques 18 specific areas (face and body procedures) are pre-programmed according to different parameters: mode, intensity, and time.
Personalized manual settings also available
Easy access to additional functions including accessory test, hair counter, and hydration test, among others

4 Thermolysis modes

  • Super Flash
  • Flash
  • Slow
  • Pulse

5 Blend modes

  • Pulsing Blend
  • Uni-Blend (H.F. constant)
  • Lead H.F.
  • Lead Galvanic
  • H.F. pedal control

Features that define superior design

  • 288 integrated programs to choose from
  • 2 memory functions
  • Insertion counter (number of hairs treated)
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Cataphoresis and anaphoresis
  • Hydration test
  • Electrocoagulation

Simple and versatile, this electric epilation device uses 4 thermolysis modes and 5 blend modes.

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