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Beyond Electrolysis Basics

Beyond Electrolysis Basics

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Beyond Electrolysis Basics was born out of a recognition that as our world changes, the use for and practice of electrolysis must also evolve to reflect the emerging body of knowledge. In the last few decades, advancements in technology combined with cultural and societal shifts have given rise to new directions of research. These new directions have subsequently opened the door to advanced treatment options and new techniques that improve both effectiveness and comfort for electrolysis clients.

The aim of this book is to serve as a resource both for electrologists who have been working on their own in the industry for a few years, and for those who are seeking ways to improve their techniques and expand their expertise. This anthology of expertise offers guidelines for practitioners who wish to expand their practice to include a broader array of services and deepen their understanding of key concepts and modern terminology. It is a tool for those seeking to become better allies, advocates, and partners for clients and patients. By building on the sound theories and techniques of the electrolysis industry, this book serves as a companion for any electrologist who feels confident in their electrolysis technique and is ready to learn more. Editor: Sara N. Paisner, PhD, MBA Authors: Sara N. Paisner, PhD, MBA, Stacey A. Elder, CPE, LE, Joanie Gonella, CPE, LE, Kelly Morrissy, CPE, Stephanie Shields, CPE, CLT, Randa L. Thurman, CPE, LE

 Beyond Electrolysis Basics was written for the many electrologists that I've met over the years who have a strong drive to learn more and be better for their clients. Whether you are a new practitioner or a seasoned, experienced, electrologist, this book is for you. -- Sara N. Paisner

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